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Short look in our picture mix:


Choosing a picture, symbol or a fairy tale character in memory of the deceased gives consolation. Symbols and pictures have unlimited power and they can be used to interpret and express many feelings.

If you visit the funeral directors or florists we work with you will be able to look at all our different pictures and motives. They are all signed.



There are 150 handmade designs to choose among.

1 Religon/Spiritual
2 Angels
3 Fantasy/Animals
4 Art/Music
5 Transport
6 Nature/ Mix
The handmade pictures and Symbols can be combinated with ribbons in diffrent colours. Look at the photo.

Symbols/Pictures Handmade on the Wreath ribbons. Choose a ribbons size: 10 cm,15 cm, 20cm.

Note. Delivered by mail within 5 working days.


The Names of different themes.

We have realized the power in the love of Fantasy and the words power to heal. The names of the different themes are for example. Gods Heaven or Angel´s Heaven.

Coffin letter.

On the coffin letters you can paint or write a last farewell. size A4

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