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Anette Danielsson

A few personal words from the founder Anette Danielsson

My emotional journey started when I experienced a deep sorrow in my life.Ifelt as ifI was falling into a big black hole. Tihs eventually made me understand that I had to make some important changes in my life.This is when my struggle back to life started.I feel that I want to share my experiences and knowledge so that others can benefit from them.,,

I strongly belive in making the funeral cermony a beautiful experience that reflects the personality of the deceased.I also belive that it provides an emotional starting point for the grieving process.This made me fond AD Sorgbandet in 1999

Background and schooling

As for my schooling I have tailoring and pattern design from Secondary school. I also profound interest in art and design.

The creator  of A D Sorgbandet

Personality  is of great importance.

We provide personality and innovation the funeral area. We strongly belive in making the funeral cermony a beautiful experience that reflects the personality of the deceased. We also belive that it provides an emotinal starting point for the griving procsse.

Our Vision

We want to develop the funeral area in order to provide more alternatives that reflects the personality of the decesaded.

Our Trademark

Our trademark  of Sorgbandet is selected with great care and stands for handicrafts,quality and innovation.


In our production we aim at environmentally friendly products. We deliveries our products by mail.

In 2005  introduced Pall / Kistduke

In 2005  Pall / Kistduken took part in an exhibition in the Blue Hall in Stockholm city .The design on Kistduken has a soft and fashionalbe style which makes the coffin   highlighted, for that reason the name is Kistduken. The pall that is most common today is of a type where the coffin is hidden  instead of highligted.

In the  production of pall/ Kistduken we have also paid attention  to the environment. It is made  in parts, so that it easily can be cleaned. Funeral agencies can invest in a beutiful Pall/ Kistduk with high quality,They can influence choises of colours and execution. We offer an entirely new alternative.

Wreath ribbon pictures and mediating

We today know  that a picture says more than a thousand words.

You can get it more personal with a wreath ribbon picture during the  funeral cermony. The wreath ribbon picture can represent the  deceaseds figure or interests. All motives are signed.

The booklet

A wise choice

The booklet shows in a simple and well-arrangel way our offer. Our picture development goes on all the time and has for that reason a simple system for complementing with new pictures.


With the names of different themes

Symbols and pictures have unlimited power and they can be used to interpret and express many feelings. We are thinking of  Astrid Lindgren and her imaginary world for example Nagijala.

Chest letter

To write a Farewell makes the griving process easier.

The beautiful letter follows the deceased during the cremation or the during the funeral service. On the beautifully designed ´coffin  letter  you can draw or a last farewell.
Chest letter is placed on the coffin during the funeral ceremony.


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