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We started Sorgbandet in 1999 with the production of wreath ribbons pictures.Symbols play an important role in the funeral ceremony.

All our different products are provided by the funeral directors and florist we work with. Sorgbandet stands for high quality,handicraft and development.


To our customers

  • We continously develop alternatives in the funeral area.
  • We paint on ribbons with Pictures, Symbols or Fairytale characters.
  • The products are delivered within 5 working days.

We make it possible to personalize the funeral cermony. Pictures and Symbols are used to express feelings beyond words and they can be saved as a memory.Sorgbandet creates products of high quality, products that are of great importance for the funeral ceremony and for the grieving process. Our ambition is to meet our costomers, individual demand.

Flowers are important. In a situation where words are not enough the pictures or Symbols of whrete ribbons exress the personality of the deceased. Symbols and pictures have unlimited power and they can be used to interpret and express many feelings.

Our symbols and pictures are our own design, they are handmade with great artistic skills and empathy.
The pictures and Symbols we produce are of great personal value.

For more information see Pictures/Cards.
Copyright is in law forbidden AD Sorgbandet.

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