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Franchisees across the country.


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If you proceed with recruitment process called you to a first interview. With a recruiter for the area you applied for. We will at this stage to give you a glimpse of Sorgbandet as a concept and an overall description of the franchise contract design. Furthermore, we get the opportunity to get to know each other a Little better. If you as a candidate, and we still are interested to start cooperation, we will work with you to go through the francise agreement in detail, the preliminary calculation applies. Willyou selected and accept our offer, attributed to a written agreement. That is when you are approved as a francisee of Sorgbandet. In Connection whit this notification you to our induction training.


AD Sorgbandet has unlimited jurisdiction in the selection of franchisees. The entire process, from inquiry to written contracts, usually takes about three months. Depending on the range of demand / area can however lead time is affected.




Are you interested in woking as a franchisees.

AD Sorgbandet  rentals to funeral ceremonies.

For indiviualist, undertakers and chuches.

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